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Venezuelan crisis status: Economy

Currently, Venezuela goes through a crisis political, economy, security, and so on. Lack of medicine, food shortages, soaring homicide rate and others difficulties, which have recently forced thousands of Venezuelans to leave their country for look for other places where they can live better.

The minimum wage announced by Nicolas Maduro president of Venezuela on April, 30th  is equal to $4 according to Dolartoday website, however, the standard food basket is over $117.
When somebody goes to buy to the pharmacies can realize of an acute lack of medicines. People with chronic diseases in many cases die because they do not find anything for their treatments.
Source: Sunoticiero.

Many enterprises complain about the lack of raw material as a result of the low foreign currency quantity. This situation really ruins an important number of them that cannot produce enough goods to keep their rentability.
The public transportation has been having troubles to keep the buses due to prices of the spare parts are highly expensive and the government do not permit the increase of the bus tickets.
Source: El Impulso.
People eat from the trash on the streets.
Source: ElNuevoHerald
Perhaps somebody could ask himself why does Venezuela has serious problems with its economy if they have many resources like petroleum, gold, iron, aluminum, etc?

Well, the answer could come from the fall of petroleum prices in 2014 and 2016 where it changed from $114 to $30, it beat the economy so hard that till-date it has not been able to stabilize itself.

In other hand, during more than 15 years in Venezuela were carried out expropriated several enterprises, an exchange control was applied, there were corruptions act in PDVSA and production projects badly execute or planning

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